‘I don’t take anything I.C. Quaye says seriously’ – Henry Quartey

Ayawaso Central MP, Henry Quartey, has revealed that he no longer takes anything his former boss and predecessor, I.C Quaye, says seriously.

According to the Greater Accra Regional Minister, the former Ayawaso Central MP is not the same person he used to be 30–40 years ago.

Speaking in an interview with Citi TV on January 30, Mr Quartey mentioned that he has decided to save himself from stressing over what I.C Quaye says or does to him.

“I.C. Quaye is not the I.C. Oquaye 30–40 years ago. He is 87 years old and when people get to old age, the behave differently. So it is up to sit down and say look, this man is old. So don’t take anything he says seriously. So that is the approach I have taken,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Minister stated that I.C Quaye is still his political godfather, despite endorsing his opponent in the New Patriotic Party’s Ayawaso Central parliamentary primary held on Saturday, January 27.

Despite endorsing Henry Quartey as his successor in 2012, Sheikh I.C Quaye backed the NPP’s former youth organiser, Moses Abor, in last weekend’s poll.

However, Mr. Quartey mentioned that he does not consider anyone as a permanent friend or enemy in his political career.

“IC Quaye continues to be my godfather, he continues to be my godfather, and he will be my godfather. Nobody knew me, I worked with him [IC Quaye] as his special assistant from 2007, and arising out of that, I have gotten to where I have gotten to. I do what is needed of me as a son, and that is what I will continue to do.”

“To the best of my knowledge, I have not fallen out with him. Maybe he wants me to go in a style that I also feel that I have to be my own man. Be my own man, not forgetting that he is my godfather,” he added.


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