I was a virgin throughout my early years in the movie industry – Edinam Atatsi

SOURCE: Joan Nyanme

Veteran actress and award-winning radio and TV personality, Edinam Atatsi, has revealed that she was a virgin throughout her early days in the movie industry.

In a conversation with Joy Prime’s Roselyn Felli on the Prime Morning show, the actress mentioned that no key industry player expressed interest in her sexually because of her appearance.

According to her, everybody considered her a small and naive girl due to her stature.

“I have always been a virgin. It’s only in recent times that some of the old ones said they didn’t know that I was this mature, and they thought I was just a small up-and-coming girl. So, they didn’t touch me,” she said.

This was in response to the question about whether people’s perception of their outlook and appearance on screen endeared them to men.

Edinam broke into the movie scene in the early 90s and serenaded Ghanaians with her unwavering acting prowess throughout the early 2000s. She was featured in movies including The Storm, Heartbeat, Her Feet Go Down to Death, Aloevera, and A Stab in the Dark. 

Unlike Edinam, actress Akofa Edjeani who also spoke on the show expressed how she dealt with directors who tried to harass her sexually several times, eventually making her quit a movie role during one of his productions.

“It was a Nigerian director because I don’t think any Ghanaian director will dare look in my face and ask me that kind of stuff. It is what most of them do, so he thought he could try that on me, but I sized him up and put him in his proper place. For that one, I had to stay because we were in the middle of the production. There was another one that I had to leave the set because we hadn’t started at all, and it was that same director,” the actress narrated.

Akofa Edjeani – Pan-Africanist, Actor and Producer

Due to her roles in some movies, Akofa was perceived to be a bad girl. As a result, some directors wanted to take advantage of her, but she never gave them a chance. 

Actor and former Artistic Director at the National Theatre, Mawuli Semevo was also on the show to share his opinion on the art of film-making in the 90s to begin the Ghana month on Prime Morning.

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