‘I’d Put My Body In a Fire for Dani Alves’ – Ex-wife Defends Jailed Barcelona Legend Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

Chris Burton| 09 Feb 2023


Brazil international being held in Catalan prison without bail following arrest in January

Dinorah Santana, the former wife and agent of Dani Alves, has defended the Barcelona legend after seeing him accused of rape and sent to prison.

Santana is the mother of Alves’ two children and was married to him for 10 years.

She claims that the 39-year-old Brazilian would not be capable of “dishonouring a woman” and says she would put her entire body “in a fire” to defend the former Barca and Juventus full-back’s honour.

Alves is, however, currently being held in a Catalan jail following allegations of sexual assault in a Barcelona nightclub.

Santana has told Sport of Alves: “They are condemning Dani without him having been tried. Dani would be incapable of dishonouring a woman. I was married for 10 years and I’ve known him for 22.”

Asked if she would put her hand in the fire for Alves, Santana added: “No. The whole body would be put in for him.

“In 20 years he never spoke to me in a higher tone. Sometimes you argue, but he never treated me badly. He treated the women around me just the same. Me, my daughter, the little princess, my son too.

“Dani has always had a belief that a woman should be treated like a queen. She gets that support from her father, out of the respect he has for his mother. It’s like that with people in general.”

Alves was provisionally jailed without bail on January 20, having handed himself over to police following accusations made against him in late December 2022.


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