Increased passport application fees will improve acquisition process – Appiah-Kubi

Andy Appiah-Kubi, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of Parliament, has pledged the committee’s commitment to holding the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration accountable for enhancing the passport acquisition process.

This declaration comes in response to public outcry regarding the recent hike in passport application fees by the government.

Appiah-Kubi defended the fee increase, stating that it would contribute to streamlining the acquisition process.

He emphasized that the fee adjustment aims to address various challenges encountered during passport acquisition, such as delays and counterfeit documentation.

Appiah-Kubi assured the public of the ministry’s commitment to fulfilling this promise, noting the establishment of new application centres as evidence of their efforts.

“We will ensure that we eliminate all the challenges in the process of passport acquisition, including the delay and including the fake documentation. So assurances have been given and indeed, I can confirm that even as we speak now, there are some new application centres in operation.

“So this is an indication of the minister’s commitment to honouring the promise. And I can also assure you that as long as we also continue to be the monitors of the ministry, we will ensure that they don’t only improve now, but the improvement will be continuous.”

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