I’ve invested a lot more in my brand now to accept GH₵20k for a show – Fameye

Ghanaian highlife musician, Fameye has said he has made more investments in his craft to accept GH₵20,000 for a show.

Speaking in an interview on HitzFM, Fameye explained that he now spends more money for his clothes, shoes, bags, etc and even pays dollars for his music videos.

For this reason, the musician believes it will be difficult for him to accept GH₵20,000 whenever he is asked to perform at any event.

“If you’re a hustler and you’re given small money, you become happy but the more you make name for yourself, you realise the money is peanut. It’s not greediness, it’s just growth. I get plenty money now and I’m still not satisfied with it.

“Right now, my first thought after receiving payment for show is how to invest that money into my brand because now I really want to get expensive clothes so if you book me for a show you cannot say you will pay me GH₵20,000 because if you take a look at my dress, you would know I’m worth the money you are about to pay,” he said on Friday, February 23.

Ghana Music Awards more important to me than Grammys or BET – Fameye

He added that his music videos are clear evidences of his investment in his craft stressing that previously he does not spend much because he was considered by directors.

“Right now even my own photographer takes dollars for my photoshoots and I understand him. He wants to put me on a certain pedestal and if I have the money, I will pay.”

Fameye also spoke about the Ghana Music Awards prioritising it above other international music awards like Grammys and BET Awards.

He explained that unlike the Grammys Awards, he does not need any ticket or a connection to a label or industry mogul to get nominated for the GMAs.

He said the Ghana Music Awards board sees his exploits and nominates him accordingly without talking to anyone as opposed to the Grammys.

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