Jachie community: Residents call for restoration of power after rainstorm wreaked havoc

The Jachie community in the Bosomtwi District of the Ashanti Region is still without electricity a week after a devastating rainstorm hit the area, leaving several people injured and one 16-year-old girl dead.

The storm, which occurred on Thursday, May 16, 2024, damaged the local transformer and displaced electricity poles, plunging most households into darkness.

Residents and business owners are struggling to cope with the power outage, which has affected their livelihoods.

One resident, who owns a grinding mill, lamented, “I have lost many customers. I typically get more businesses on Friday as it’s a market day in this community, and many people come to grind their items. However, the power outage that began last Thursday has persisted, leaving us without electricity to work. The situation has been challenging for us.”

The Assembly Member for the Jachie East Electoral area, Richard Bimpeh, has been working to get power restored to the community.

He explained that he had visited the ECG branch in Bekwai and spoken with the manager, who assured him that a memo was being written to request poles. However, the exact timeline for when power will be restored is unknown.

“Concerning the light, I’ve been to the ECG branch in Bekwai and spoke with the manager. He told me that they are now writing a memo for Poles. And as I’m talking to you, we don’t know when it’ll come.

“I’ve been to the Bosomtwe DCE office, I spoke with the PRO for ECG, and all they said was that there are no poles and there’s no water too. We are pleading with the authorities, especially ECG and NADMO, to come to our aid.”

The community is urging the authorities to expedite the restoration of power to alleviate their suffering.

source: city newsroom

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