Lydia Alhassan pledges action on Weija and Kpong water treatment plant issues

Sanitation and Water Resources Minister, Lydia Seyram Alhassan has promised to address the challenges at the Weija and Kpong Water Treatment Plants following her visit to familiarise herself with their operations and address pressing concerns.

The visit revealed significant issues, including the need for funding to support expansion plans, encroachment on land, and the impact of sand mining activities.

”We have just seen encroachment on our land recently. Kpong used to be a restricted area but with this railway line that is passing here, it is introducing a lot of people to our land, so encroachment has also become a problem which we need to deal with.”

The Station Manager of the Kpong Treatment Plant, Yaw Adjei, expressed concern over encroachment on their land, attributed to the construction of nearby railway lines.

Similarly, the Project Manager at the Weija Water Treatment Plant highlighted the continuous struggle with encroachment and the need for ongoing demolition and prevention efforts.

“On the plant, you can even see a lot of buildings springing up and there is supposed to be a continuous process. We demolish, we prevent people from coming in, but we demolish a bit, we relax, and people come and build beyond that point.”

Meanwhile, Minister Alhassan assured that her ministry is collaborating with the Ministry of National Security to address these issues effectively.

She also confirmed that efforts are underway to secure funding for the continued expansion of the plants, including replacing old pipes.

“Funding to have most of the pipes replaced is top on my agenda. National Security came in to resolve some of the challenges so we would ensure that it continues.”

source: city newsroom

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