Majority justifies Passport fee hike amid criticism

The Majority in Parliament has defended the government’s recent decision to increase passport fees.

According to the group, the subsidy of passport fees by 400 Ghana Cedis should not solely benefit the 20% of Ghanaians who require passports for travel, as it is not equitable.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration announced the hike in passport fees, effective from Monday, April 1, which has sparked widespread public disapproval.

Speaking to journalists in Accra on Wednesday, Andy Appiah Kubi, MP for Asante Akim North, asserted that the government’s move was justified.

“We agree that it is only about 20% of Ghanaians that need passports to travel out of the country. And therefore, looking at it from that context, the passports then become a privilege, not a right or need. So, if it is a privilege, who should bear the cost of passports? To be honest with you, within the subregion, passports in Ghana are the cheapest and indeed it is incomparable with anywhere else.”

“The most immediate cost element is from Liberia, and they are charging GH499.50, which is the equivalent of $50 for passports that span for five years…Indeed how fair will it be for only 20% of us to surcharge all of us, the 80% for what they want for their purpose of travelling? It is not fair,” he stated.

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