Many Ghanaians aren’t serious with corruption fight – Rev. Opuni Frimpong

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Former General Secretary of the Christian Council of Ghana says that many Ghanaians are not truly committed to fighting corruption.

According to Rev. Dr. Kwabena Opuni Frimpong, corruption is not limited to government officials but is a problem that affects all sectors of society.

He stated that a significant amount of money has not been accounted for, and some of these funds are in the form of loans that will need to be repaid by future generations.

“We shouldn’t be a nation that creates problems today that our children should come and solve tomorrow,” he said on Tuesday, January 9, 2024.

Speaking on the JoyNews‘ AM Show, Rev. Dr. Opuni Frimpong pointed out that government officials and other authorities protect each other, rather than holding each other accountable which is a challenge in the fight against corruption.

According to him, the fight against corruption must begin at the grassroots level which will eradicate corruption in Ghana.

“We need leaders who will say I appointed you, but you have disgraced us, you have disgraced the nation. You don’t qualify to be here. The next morning pack and leave. I don’t think I have that impression as a Ghanaian. Maybe, I’m not seeing right because of the lens I am wearing but Ghana as a nation, as I see it, we are not serious with the corruption fight.”

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