May you see great men beyond their physical appearance – Celestine Donkor advises single ladies


Ghanaian gospel singer Celestine Donkor who has been married for 17 years to Kofi Donkor has advised single ladies to see prospective suitors beyond their physical appearance.

Celestine Donkor and her husband

According to her, she was privilege to see her husband beyond his physical appearance which has led them to stay married for this long.

She advised the youth of today especially single ladies to see people beyond their physical appearance and focus more on the greatness people have to offer.

She wrote; “Please meet the husband of my youth

The man I married 17 years ago….

What a mighty God we serve. Dear Single Ladies, may you receive grace to see great men beyond their physical appearance

We can’t wait to share our ‘Real Stories’ captured in our first “BEYOND THE RHYTHM” with you”.

The ace gospel singer has on several occasions made it known that her marriage has been a result of online dating.

The singer added that a distant relationship through online means can be successful as she cites her own marriage as a product of a distant relationship that happened over the internet.

“The way I met my husband was very interesting, he was outside in South Korea whilst I was in Ghana when a very close friend of mine went there and met him and recommended him to me. My friend was like, ‘chale, I want to link you guys up’ and so we became friends. I am a typical example of online dating and it worked. We dated for six months without knowing each other physically, in fact, he proposed marriage to me without meeting me.”

She continued that even though she was in a relationship when her husband approached her, she realized that her husband was the best person for her because he came with all the qualities she was looking for in her man.

Celestine Donkor

“My boyfriend at that time was not the guy for me because he was highly competitive in the spirit and I knew that he wasn’t part of the future God had for me, so I had to let go and that was when my husband came in with all the qualities I wanted.”

Celestine Donkor’s husband is her manager in her music career and has been since she started her journey in music. They are married with three beautiful daughters.

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