McCarthy Hill residents demand urgent intervention over acute water shortage

Residents of McCarthy Hill in the Weija Gbawe municipality of Accra are appealing to the Ghana Water Company Limited to address the inconsistent water supply in the area.

The acute water shortage has persisted for nearly three months, causing hardship for the residents.

According to the residents, the demand for water is increasing, but the supply is insufficient, making the situation unbearable.

They assert that the water shortage has been ongoing for months, and despite their complaints, no action has been taken to resolve the issue.

One resident expressed frustration to Citi News, saying, “It’s been troubling us. We have children who attend school, and in the morning, we have to travel a considerable distance to fetch water before they can prepare for school. That worries us greatly. Moreover, when we return from work, there’s no water. You open the tap, and it doesn’t flow. When you complain, they acknowledge there’s a problem, but they don’t disclose the actual issue.”

The residents allege that they have lodged complaints with the Assembly Member, who confirmed that there is a problem with one of the machines at the water works, but no action has been taken to rectify it.

“We complained to the Assembly Member here, and she said she would look into it. Later, she confirmed to us that they reported a problem somewhere, one of their machines is broken down. We went to the waterworks, and they said they would come and fix it but haven’t done so. We need water. If there’s a problem with the pump, they need to replace it.”

They are urging the Ghana Water Company Limited to replace the faulty pump and ensure a consistent water supply.

source: city newsroom

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