Moses and Marie reveal how their union came to be

On Friday, March 1, it was all love at the Bliss Experience 2024 where Nigerian Gospel musician, Moses Bliss decided to share details surrounding the events which led to him meeting his wife, Marie Wiseborn.

The popular account about Moses and Marie’s meet-up was that she caught his attention after she had danced to his song “Miracle No Dey Tire Jesus” however, Moses has revealed that there was more to the story. 

The gospel musician recounted that a year ago, God had taken into account all the work he had done to advance the kingdom. Therefore he believed celestial bodies gathered to discuss who would be best suited to serve as a help-mate for him.

“And God just looked at me and God say Kai [sic] this boy has tried. This boy has been serving, I want to pamper him, I want to coordinate him, I want to give him direction,” Moses said amidst cheers from the crowd.

The gospel musician said it took time for God to settle on the perfect person for him but when it was decided, all things worked for his good. 

“After the angels had walked through the earth, they said there is someone… Then the angel crossed Africa but could not find [her], entered Europe, and they now stopped at Birmingham, United Kingdom. They went and woke up the sister. They said ‘sister, wake up, do video and dance’,” he added amidst cheers.

He told patrons that upon reflection, he was certain he was praying at the time because it would take a greater power for Marie to wake up from bed at 1 am to record a video of herself dancing.

 “And God was on this other side saying ‘Sister Marie, you got to dance now’ and then she woke up, she did not want to dance but because I was still praying, she had to dance, and then when she danced she posted it. She now tagged everybody,” he added.

Moses continued that a while later when he came online, he couldn’t help but shout “Jesus” at what he saw. He added that for two hours, he kept scrolling down because he was mesmerised by her beauty.

“And finally I sent her a message and guess what, she answered. I now say [sic] ‘can you give me your number’ and she said ‘sorry, can we chat on Instagram,’ so I left her.

The gospel musician said he took it into prayer. A while later when he returned online he met “Happy Sunday, Moses.”

Marie narrating her side of the story said the Holy Spirit asked her not to be rude but to reply to Moses’ message.

Although she was reluctant because she did not know what to say, she was instructed to leave, “Happy Sunday, Moses” which she did and this led to them now tying the knot.

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