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Nigerian Chef Hilda Baci Prepares Kelewele While Jamming To Praye’s Shody, Video Excites Ghanaians

Nigerian chef Hilda Baci prepared the famous Ghanaian delicacy kelewele and shared the video on her food business page, My Food By Hilda She gave a step by step approach on what spices she used and hos she mixed them before stirring it in the sliced plantain pieces and frying them The video excited many Ghanaians in the comment section of the post as they applauded Hilda Baci for trying out a Ghanaian recipe.

Nigerian Chef who went viral for her Guinness World Record breaking cook-a-thon attempt, Hilda Baci, has won the admiration of many Ghanaians after she shared a video of her preparing the famous Ghanaian delicacy, kelewele.

In the cooking video, Hilda Baci listened to the 2012 top charting Ghanaian song by music trio Praye titled Shody.

She showed a step by step approach of how she mixed the spices meant for the garnishing of the sliced plantain before frying.

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