NPP Primaries: Stephen Ntim calls for unity ahead of December polls

The National Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Stephen Ayesu Ntim, has issued a rallying call for unity among party members, emphasizing the collective effort needed to secure victory in the upcoming general election scheduled for December.

In a message addressed to all elected candidates following the Parliamentary Primaries on Saturday, January 27, 2024, Ntim expressed his heartfelt congratulations.

He commended the candidates for their dedication and commitment to the democratic process, highlighting the importance of their roles in the party.

Acknowledging the challenges of the competitive primaries, Ntim advised the newly elected Members of Parliament to uphold the integrity of the party. He stressed the significance of maintaining high ethical standards as representatives of the NPP.

Ntim extended appreciation to the defeated candidates, urging them not to distance themselves from the party’s activities. Instead, he encouraged them to remain active contributors, emphasizing the importance of their continued engagement for the collective success of the party.

In a call for unity, Ntim emphasized the need for constructive dialogue among party members. Regardless of individual differences, he urged members to prioritize the well-being of all constituents.

Read the full statement below

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