Persistent vandalism targets development efforts in Ledzokuku constituency

In the Ledzokuku Constituency of the Greater Accra region, a concerning trend of vandalism targeting the billboards and signage of Dr. Bernard Okoe Boye, the parliamentary aspirant of the New Patriotic Party and Minister-designate for Health, is on the rise.

In recent days, unidentified persons have been engaged in the destruction of Dr. Okoe Boye’s signage at Anumantu and Gorno School. The signboards showcase various developmental projects but have either been defaced or removed, undermining efforts by the former MP to highlight progress in the Ledzokuku constituency.

Additionally, a shelter intended for an ambulance donated to the Teshie Community Clinic by Dr. Okoe Boye, to enhance healthcare accessibility was also vandalised.

Again, the transformation of Star Park, now known as McDan Park, has also suffered damage after several seats were vandalised, raising concerns about the preservation of critical community assets.

On Wednesday morning, shortly after the La Magistrate Court granted Roland Okine, an individual accused of being responsible for damaging Dr. Okoe Boye’s billboards, an opportunity to sign a bond of good behaviour, further incidents of vandalism occurred. A billboard at the Teshie Next Door Bus Stop and another opposite the Teshie St. John School were found destroyed.

The billboards were intact as of April 2nd but were found destroyed Wednesday morning.

Residents are calling on the media and security agencies to intervene, expressing dismay at their perceived silence and indifference towards these unlawful acts.

As Ledzokuku residents grapple with the aftermath of these incidents, questions arise regarding the motives behind such targeted destruction and the implications for ongoing development efforts in the constituency.

source: myjoyonline

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