Police arrest two men for erecting unauthorized speed ramps


Two individuals, Saviour Azakasi and Quarshie Godson, have been arrested by the police for their involvement in the unauthorized construction of a speed ramp on the Ho-Sogakope highway in the Volta Region.

Police arrest two men for erecting unauthorized roadblocks

The arrests were made following the circulation of a viral video capturing the suspects and others in the act of constructing a makeshift speed ramp using concrete blocks and various materials.


The police, in a brief statement, confirmed that Azakasi and Godson are currently in custody and are actively cooperating with ongoing investigations. “The two suspects, Saviour Azakasi and Quarshie Godson, were seen in a viral video, in the company of other suspects, causing damage to the highway with concrete blocks and other materials. Both suspects are currently in custody assisting investigation while efforts are underway to get the other suspects arrested,” stated the police.

The unauthorized speed ramp has raised serious concerns about road safety and potential hazards for motorists using the highway. Authorities are working diligently to identify and apprehend the remaining individuals involved in the incident. The incident highlights the dangers of unregulated road modifications and their potential impact on the safety of both drivers and pedestrians.

It’s not uncommon to witness people erecting roadblocks on highways passing through their communities as a measure to control speeding, which poses a threat to their lives and the lives of community members, especially children. While the intentions may be rooted in concerns for safety, authorities have consistently cautioned against unauthorized roadblocks due to the potential risks they pose.

Communities often argue that unauthorized road modifications are a result of a lack of effective measures to curb speeding and reckless driving. Authorities, on the other hand, emphasize the importance of adhering to established procedures to ensure road safety without resorting to unauthorized means.

As investigations unfold, the police are urging the public to report any information that may lead to the apprehension of the remaining suspects involved in the unauthorized construction. Meanwhile, discussions about striking a balance between road safety measures and community concerns are likely to intensify in the coming days.

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