Some people have taken me to juju men – Chief of Army Staff cries, says it’s jealousy


Chief of Army Staff, Major General Thomas Oppong-Peprah, alleged on Monday that individuals seeking his demise have resorted to spiritual attacks, including taking him to juju men. Speaking to soldiers at the Burma Camp, Major Gen. Oppong-Peprah claimed to have evidence of these attempts, asserting that he has been resilient against such assaults.

Chief of Army Staff, Major General Thomas Oppong-Peprah

“I have been taken to juju people and all that. We have pictures of it. In fact, it was one of the military police gentlemen who brought me pictures. But I am still standing here, I am not dead and I will not die. If you can’t cope with what I do, just sit down and zip up. That is all,” Major Gen. Oppong-Peprah declared.

He further conveyed that, in addition to the spiritual attacks, he has been contending with a deliberate misinformation campaign aimed at tarnishing his image. Major Gen. Oppong-Peprah attributed these assaults to unwarranted jealousy, emphasizing that the name ‘Oppong-Peprah’ appears to be a source of fear for some individuals.

“Even this morning just before I got here, a publication was sent to me where it is being indicated that I have refused to accept the appointment of CDS and as a result, there is a stop in the military shakeup,” he revealed.

Despite the challenges, Major Gen. Oppong-Peprah highlighted the achievements of the Ghana Armed Forces under his leadership, emphasizing that these accomplishments were a result of teamwork among officers at all ranks. He cautioned against singling him out for praise or criticism, attributing the success to collective efforts.

“For the past four years together, teamwork we have achieved so much and people are jealous of us. That is all. I did not do it, we did it as an army together with my staff officers and everyone. Commanding officers team going to Bundase and adding to whatever we are doing over there. It is teamwork, it is not me, Oppong-Preprah, so don’t attack me,” he asserted.

The allegations made by Major General Thomas Oppong-Peprah have raised eyebrows and sparked discussions within military and political circles.

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