Speak up against threats to Ghana’s democracy – Sam Jonah to Journalists

The Chancellor of the University of Cape Coast (UCC), Sir Sam Jonah, has called on Ghanaian journalists to actively safeguard the country’s democracy by not shying away from addressing critical issues affecting its governance system.

Sir Sam Jonah emphasized that media professionals in Ghana should serve as paragons of objectivity, promoters of informed discourse, and unwavering champions of freedom and truth.

Speaking at the launch of the 75th anniversary celebrations of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) in Accra on Wednesday, April 17, 2024, Sam Jonah expressed concerns about troubling trends in the national dialogue, urging a renewed commitment to the principles championed by Ephraim Amu, especially in the current era where democratic values and social cohesion face significant tests.

Furthermore, he encouraged media practitioners to utilize their platforms to address pressing issues such as the perceived politicization of state agencies against dissenters, encroachments on press freedom, public scepticism regarding the impartiality of the judiciary, and the concerning lack of accountability in public finance management.

“In this era, where the essence of our democracy and the fabric of our society are tested, let us recommit ourselves to the principles that Ephraim Amu so eloquently espoused.

“I implore you to be the standard-bearers of objectivity, the architects of informed discourse, and the unyielding defenders of freedom and truth. In this regard, all of us have to be concerned about some disturbing developments in our national discourse.

“The perceived weaponisation of state agencies against opponents, the creeping assault on freedom of the press, the perceived lack of trust in the dispensation of justice, and the pathetic lack of accountability in the protection of the public purse, this is the time for patriots to find their voices.

“This is the time to be fearless and courageous. We cannot and must not compromise on our defence of the national interest. The success of our attempt at a democratic order will depend crucially on how free the press is. In the words of Walter Cronkite, a widely respected American journalist, ‘freedom of the press is not just important to democracy, it is democracy!”

The theme for the 75th anniversary celebration is “75 Years of Excellence in Journalism: Past, Present, and Future.”

source: city newsroom

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