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Staying awake for more than 72 hours can lead to death- Health expert warns


In a recent radio interview on 3FM927, Dr. Emmanuel Adapoe, a seasoned health officer at Ridge Hospital, delivered a stark message about the potential dangers of staying awake for more than 72 hours.

Sleep deprivation

Drawing attention to extreme events such as Faila’s 10-day cooking marathon and Afua Asantewaa’s 5-day sing-a-thon, Dr. Adapoe emphasized the need for individuals attempting such feats to undergo thorough medical examinations and have a dedicated medical team on standby.

He said sleep deprivation can take a toll on the body and, if not approached with caution, may lead to premature death.

The human body is designed to function optimally with a regular sleep-wake cycle, and deviating from this natural rhythm can have severe consequences.

Dr. Adapoe highlighted the significance of proper rest and sleep, stating that pushing the limits of wakefulness beyond 72 hours can result in detrimental effects on physical and mental health.

Faila’s 10-day cooking marathon and Afua Asantewaa’s 5-day sing-a-thon served as cautionary examples, illustrating the exhaustive toll such endeavors can exact on the body.

Dr. Adapoe stressed that these extreme activities should not be taken lightly, and anyone considering such challenges should prioritize their health and well-being.

The health expert recommended that individuals contemplating prolonged wakefulness should seek professional medical advice and undergo a comprehensive examination to assess their physical and mental fitness for such endeavors.

Having a medical team on standby, as demonstrated by Faila and Afua, is crucial to monitor vital signs, address potential health issues promptly, and ensure the safety of the participants.

Dr. Adapoe’s warning sheds light on the importance of understanding the limits of the human body and the potential risks associated with pushing those limits.

While endeavors like cooking marathons and sing-a-thons may be entertaining and challenging, the underlying health implications should not be underestimated.

The advice from Dr. Emmanuel Adapoe serves as a valuable reminder that while pushing boundaries can be exhilarating, one must prioritize their health and well-being.

Undertaking extreme challenges without proper medical consideration and supervision can have serious consequences, potentially shortening one’s life.

Aspiring participants in such endeavors should heed this cautionary advice and approach their feats with a responsible and health-conscious mindset.

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