T-bills market rebounds; GH¢ 5.3bn secured amidst stable interest rates

Demand for treasury bills witnessed a rebound as the government surpassed its treasury bill target by 19 per cent at last week’s auction.

In total, GHS 5.3 billion was secured despite a target of GHS 4.4 billion albeit at stable interest rates.

Most of the bids came from the 91-day T-bills where all the GHS 3.4 billion which was tendered was accepted.

For the 182-day bill, GHS 1.7 billion was tendered and the uptake was the same.

The 364-day bill recorded bids worth GHS 167 million. All the bids were accepted.

Yields remained relatively stable still ranging between 25 and 27 percent on the treasury market.

The interest rate on the three-month short-term instrument stayed at 25.03%.

For the six-month bill was 26.93%, compared to the 26.91% the previous week. That of the one-year bill stood at 27.92% compared to 27.90% the week before.

source: city newsroom

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