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The Brain Behind Nyayeto Collection

Seyram Agbodo is a fashion designer in Ghana who gives back to society and support the young talents like himself. Seyram’s exceptional intellectual ability and initiative in the society has made him a mentor for children within the fashion industry and beyond. At his age he constantly organized free capacity building in fashion and design, and also invited persons invested in graphic design to training those who want to learn something different aside from the fashion design.
He would always ask meaningful questions and make insightful contributions that would help settle his peers who might be lost in the process of the training. He singled handedly organized these free capacity building training for the society.

Due to his hardworking nature and dedication to his community service, he personally did extra training for people who didn’t grasp it during the training.
In this regard, he has knowledge and makes perspicacious judgment about fashion. Mr. Seyram is humble, honest, submissive and above all hardworking.
In light of his impeccable credentials, leadership qualities, and teaching experience, he has created his own style and willing to share it to the world soon.

Bra Seyram (Agbodo)

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