Tiwa Savage files petition against Davido for alleged threat, harassment

SOURCE: Adomonline.com

Tiwa Savage, the renowned Nigerian singer, has formally engaged law enforcement to hold her fellow artist Davido accountable for any potential harm she may face.

In a comprehensive petition filed against Davido, Tiwa highlighted concerns about threats of assault and severe bodily harm stemming from her association with Sophia Momodu, Davido’s ex-partner and the mother of his child.

According to Tiwa, after posting a picture featuring herself and Sophia on her Instagram Story on December 23rd, Davido inundated her and her team with a barrage of messages expressing displeasure.

The messages conveyed his dissatisfaction with Tiwa for maintaining a relationship with Sophia despite the tumultuous history between Davido and his ex-partner.

“In response to my Instagram Story, Mr. David Adeleke sent messages to my manager, who is also part of his management team, admonishing me for what he perceived as taunting him. The messages contained disrespectful, malicious, and derogatory words towards me,” Tiwa’s petition stated.

Tiwa further recounted her communication with Davido, emphasizing her past support for him during challenging times, including the loss of his son.

She expressed her discomfort with Davido’s unwarranted messages and highlighted her right to live her life without fear of harassment.

Additionally, Tiwa revealed that mutual friends had alerted her to Davido’s anger and alleged threats, warning her to “be careful in Lagos because he was going to f”*k me up.”

She deemed Davido’s comments as bordering on harassment, asserting that his actions violated ethical standards and posed a direct threat to her rights to life, privacy, and dignity, as outlined in Chapter 4 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended).

Tiwa asserted that Davido’s behavior also contravened Section 24(2)(a) concerning the prohibition and prevention of cybercrime.

Consequently, Tiwa called upon the police to intervene, urging them to caution Davido and hold him responsible for any adverse consequences she might face.

As of now, Davido has not issued any public statements regarding the matter.

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