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To be my wife, you need to know how to cook Ghana Jollof – Michael Blackson


Ghanaian-American comedian and actor Michael Blackson recently added a unique twist to the list of criteria for his future wife, a proficiency in preparing Ghanaian Jollof rice.

In a lighthearted yet seemingly serious manner, Blackson declared that any potential candidate aspiring to be his life partner must possess the culinary skill to master Ghana Jollof, a popular and culturally significant dish in Ghana.

Jollof rice, a one-pot dish made with rice, tomatoes, onions, and various spices, holds a special place in the hearts and palates of many Africans.

Speaking to Doreen Avio at his school’s 1st-anniversary celebrations in Agona Nsaba in the Central Region, Michael Blackson said one requirement to win him over is with original Ghana Jollof.

“Jollof test. You have to cook jollof and I have to taste it and it has to be great. I hang out with a lot of Nigerians, Sierra Leoneans, and even Chinese with fried rice. If my wife cannot represent my country with the perfect Ghana jollof, I can’t marry you.”

While it remains to be seen whether this culinary criterion is a non-negotiable aspect of Blackson’s search for love, he revealed he almost got close to marrying his housekeeper because she cooked one of the best Jollof dishes

“I’m so close to marrying my housekeeper. She cooked some jollof the other day. It is part of the best jollof I have had in a very long time.”

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