UK working to find answers, says Foreign Secretary

Foreign Secretary David Cameron said the news of the fatal airstrike is “deeply distressing” and that the UK government was working to find out what happened.

“British Nationals are reported to have been killed, we are urgently working to verify this information and will provide full support to their families,” he said.

World Central Kitchen has so far said that one British national was among the dead, but have not given details about all those killed.

“These were people who were working to deliver life-saving aid to those who desperately need it. It is essential that humanitarian workers are protected and able to carry out their work.

“We have called on Israel to immediately investigate and provide a full, transparent explanation of what happened.”

Similarly, PM Rishi Sunak says he is “shocked and saddened” by incident, saying “clearly there are questions that need to be answered”.

source: BBC NEWS

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