Victor Ad details how TB Joshua miraculously healed him; says ‘he is not fake’


The late founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, Prophet TB Joshua, has been under severe criticism following a BBC documentary alleging that he perpetuated sexual crimes and staged most of his miracles at church.

Victor AD

In a 3 part documentary, some acclaimed victims and former disciples of the late televangelist recounted their harrowing experiences whilst in the church. Their claims have sparked a wild debate online ever since the release of the BBC documentary.

However Victor AD has vehemently criticized the BBC documentary on the late televangelist.

Reflecting on his family’s personal experiences at SCOAN, Victor AD recounted that he was healed of skin disease at the age of six, his mother’s hand was restored after a gunshot wound from a robbery, and his sister regained her sight after an encounter with Joshua.

The 30-year-old artist passionately defended Joshua, stating that none of the miracles he and his family experienced were staged. He emphasized the genuine impact Joshua had on their lives, including providing shelter and sustenance when they were homeless.

In expressing his disbelief at the claims against Joshua, Victor AD declared, “Prophet TB Joshua fake ke? Person wey God use heal me from skin disease at the age of 6, restored my mum’s hand that was supposed to be amputated due to gunshot wound, or is it my sister that got healed from blindness during her primary school days.

So many wonderful deeds!! Which of these are fake or staged? When my family and I were homeless he gave us shelter and fed us. God is not a man. say whatever you like. E no go change God from being God.

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