Wa East MP condemns military brutalities in Goripie and Manwe

Wa East MP Dr Godfred Seidu Jasaw has strongly condemned the reported military assault in Goripie and Manwe, communities located within the constituency.

The alleged incidents of brutality are said to have occurred on Thursday, January 25.

In a press release issued on Friday, Dr Jasaw, who also serves as the Deputy Ranking Member on Parliament’s Agriculture Committee, expressed his unequivocal disapproval of the ongoing military assaults in the affected communities.

He stressed that such actions should not be tolerated.

Dr. Jasaw called upon the Ministers for Defense and Justice to take immediate and decisive actions to address the situation.

Specifically, he urged them to ensure that the victims of the alleged military assault receive adequate compensation for the harm and distress caused.

“I vehemently denounce the use of such needless excessive force on innocent civilians and the seizure of property belonging to the community members.

“I’m informed this has happened recently and in some cases, monies exchanged hands before such ceased properties were released.”

“Such actions not only violate the rights of the individuals involved but also contribute to the breakdown of trust between the military and the civilian population,” an excerpt of his release stated.

SourceErnest K. Arhinful

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