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“We started planning for the cook-a-thon around 3am – Chef Failatu’s husband reveals

Captain Reginald Agyei, the husband of Chef Failatu Abdul Razak, who is attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking marathon, has expressed confidence in his wife’s record-breaking attempt, albeit some level of concern about the possible impact of the attempt on her health.

In an interview with TV3, he shared the story behind his wife’s daring challenge. He disclosed how his wife applied for the record as a means to promote her restaurant and challenge herself.

“My wife is already someone who is a very daring person. So she wanted to pick up a challenge for herself. Then she wanted to promote her restaurant. So she thought it was a very big platform. She applied and then told me about it later and I was like, okay, let’s see how it goes. So we’re just there one around 03:00 a.m.

“Then she showed me the message confirming that about two weeks ago we didn’t even notice it. So when I thought, wow, we have a lot to do. So from 3am, we just started drafting letters upon letters and a few things.

According to him, they were not expecting the overwhelming support they received from people from all over the country. He said that they were initially not aiming for the world record, but that God had bigger plans for them. He expressed pride in his wife and what she was going to achieve.

“No, I didn’t see it (support) coming. I’m not sure she also did. She expected some people to come around, but the numbers are overwhelming. People she wasn’t expecting from Accra and other places showing up.

“Faila is not someone you can doubt. She is always dedicated to a cause. And she’ll keep up. She’s very capable of doing that. She said, 5 days, we are all here with you, that we end tomorrow. Do not end tomorrow.

She will carry on till she says she’s tied.

“We were not going into this for the world record, we’re going into this to promote a business. But it looks like God has bigger plans for us. Because in the end, I’m seeing that there’s a whole lot she’s going to get out of this and I’m so proud of it. I’m just going to sit down, sit back with business and see what God has planned for her,” he said.

He didn’t confirm rumours that his wife was going to cook for ten days, but stated that he was only concerned about her health. He said that if the medical team cleared her, he was fine with it.

He said that his wife had something surprising in store for everyone and that they were seeking to break the current record of 119 hours which is currently held by Alan Fisher (Ireland) with a time of 119 hours and 57.

“There’s a rumour she’s doing ten days. I’m only concerned about my wife’s health. But if the medical team says she’s ok to go on, ‘m good. But I know she has something surprising. You all get to see it because there’s news that someone has a record of 114 hours.

Yeah, we seek to break that one,” he said.

Chef Failatu Abdul Razak is currently on her 5th day of cooking nonstop at the Modern City Hotel in Tamale.

She hopes to achieve a 120-hour cook-a-thon and break the record for the longest cooking marathon.

Source: GhanaWeb

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