Yaw Sarpong elected Vice Chairperson of African Network of Information Commissions

Yaw Sarpong Boateng, the Executive Secretary and a member of the Governing Board of Ghana’s Right to Information Commission, has been elected as the Vice Chairperson of the African Network of Information Commissions (ANIC).

The election was held on May 24, 2024, during ANIC’s General Assembly meeting in Johannesburg, South Africa.

This election underscores Boateng’s expertise in information governance and highlights Ghana’s commitment to promoting access to information and upholding the right to information.

ANIC is instrumental in promoting the implementation of access to information laws across Africa. As Vice Chairperson, Boateng will play a key role in shaping policies, fostering collaboration among member countries, and advocating for increased transparency in governance.

Under Boateng’s leadership as the Executive Secretary, the RTI Commission of Ghana has played a crucial role in ensuring citizens’ access to public information, holding public institutions accountable, and reinforcing democratic principles in the country.

Boateng’s election as Vice Chairperson of ANIC is a testament to his capabilities and reflects Ghana’s commitment to promoting good governance and transparency at both national and continental levels.

His extensive experience and dedication to the principles of openness and accountability will undoubtedly enhance ANIC’s efforts to advance access to information rights in Africa.

Boateng’s election as Vice Chairperson of ANIC marks a proud moment for Ghana and a significant milestone in promoting access to information across the African continent.

His leadership is expected to inspire others to uphold the principles of transparency and accountability, paving the way for a more open and democratic society in Africa.

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